Our list of titles is constantly expanding. These courses and modules can be purchased as is, or we can customize them to meet your unique training needs.

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Our interactive, customizable eLearning modules for Salesforce are available a la carte or as a complete series.

An Introduction to Salesforce

The Intro to Salesforce module walks your sales users through logging in, the home page, navigation, and setting up their profile. This course also explores the different sections of a record, and how to effectively search for information.

Managing Your Salesforce Accounts

This module introduces Accounts in Salesforce, and walks through how to locate, edit, and create new accounts. Key fields and key related lists are covered, as are duplicate accounts, and changing account ownership.

Contacts in Salesforce

The Contacts module discusses Contacts in Salesforce. Users learn the difference between a Contact and a Contact Role in Salesforce, and they learn how to locate, edit, and create Contacts in Salesforce. Key fields and key related lists are covered.

Build Your Pipeline with Salesforce Opportunities

In this module, users learn the importance of keeping their Opportunities up to date and accurate. Opportunity stages are discussed, as are Opportunity Teams, key fields, and key related lists.

Managing Your Day with Salesforce Activities

The Activities module explores tasks and events in Salesforce, and walks users through the best way to create Tasks and Events in Salesforce.

Leverage Your Data with Reports

This module explores the Report Library, and walks through the process of customizing a standard report to fit each individual sales user's needs. While the Advanced Report Builder is briefly mentioned, it is not covered in depth here.

Visualize Your Data with Salesforce Dashboards

In this module, users are introduced to Dashboards - how to create them, where the data comes from, how to refresh them to see the latest data, and how to drill down into the underlying report.

Collaborate Smarter with Chatter

The Chatter module introduces Chatter and the concept of the social enterprise. We look at how to post, use hastags and @ mentions, and manage files within Chatter. We also talk about how to join and create groups.

We genuinely believe that Chatter can transform how users collaborate with each other. The challenge is demonstrating genuine examples of how Chatter can help reduce email, increase efficiency and effectiveness, and help the entire organization work smarter.

Grow Your Business with Salesforce Leads

The Leads module discusses the origins of leads, how to effectively manage leads, and how and when to convert them into Accounts Contacts, and Opportunities.

Keeping Your Data Secure

From Phishing attacks, to malware, and from wifi hacking to equipment theft, the key is data security. This module explores ten ways that you can keep your professional and personal data safe from a multitude of threats.